It’s our human nature to wonder “why?” and think “but what if?”  Don’t keep those inquisitive inclinations hidden.  At Sport + Spine, we encourage you to ask questions.  We have an open-door policy, quite literally if it’s nice outside – we are all about welcoming you and the fresh air through our front doors.  In all seriousness, we want your experience at S+S to be the best it possibly can be so if you are curious about our services, policies, treatments, and/or what it all means for your health, please ask!

We’ll get the ball rolling as some of you have already asked some really good questions and more than likely there are others pondering the same ideas.

We covered a lot of ground in my last physical therapy session and some new exercises were introduced.  When I got home and tried to do them on my own, I forgot exactly how I was supposed to do them.  Do I have to wait until my next appointment to receive proper instruction?  No, we don’t want your progress to lapse.  Please contact your PT and ask.  We are happy to provide the information you need, including tips and instructional videos to help guide you through your home exercises.

I’m really only interested in your dry needling services.  I know that dry needling is not covered by insurance.  Do you have any discounts on your dry needling services?  Absolutely!  The recommended standard for an effective “round” of dry needling treatments is 6 visits.  Thus, we offer a 6-session package for discounted pricing.  If you decide to become a ProActive + Member, dry needling is included in your membership sessions if desired.


Dry Needling is a sought-after and highly effective self-pay treatment option.


I would like to book a 45-minute dry needling evaluation.  I have already met my health insurance deductible this year.  Is there any way that I can reduce my out-of-pocket expense on that initial dry needling evaluation?  Yes.  We can bill your health insurance for the evaluation so that your out-of-pocket expense would consist only of your copay/coinsurance along with the cost of dry needling rather than having to pay the full self-pay evaluation price.

I’m very interested in your ProActive + Membership but I travel a lot and/or have a scheduled surgery in the months ahead.  Would I be able to put a hold on my membership during that time?  No problem. We would be happy to accommodate.  If you let us know in advance, we can suspend your membership and then resume when you return from your travels and/or you are ready for post-op treatment.

In the past, I received a free massage with my monthly membership.  Do your new ProActive + Memberships have any massage perks?  They sure do!  Our 1-year membership includes two 60-minute massages per year.  Our 3-month membership does not include 60-minute massages, but with both memberships you are welcome to exchange any membership session (up to 4 sessions/month) for a 45-minute massage.


Therapeutic Massage


If I purchase a ProActive + Membership and don’t think I will be able to make it in for all 4 of my monthly sessions, can my husband/wife/son/daughter use it?  Certainly!  Immediate family members are welcome to use your session or exchange it for a 45-minute massage.

I have a Health Savings Account (HSA).  Can I use those funds for dry needling and/or a ProActive + Membership?  Yes, most HSAs will cover dry needling services and proactive health treatment plans.

I’m not really interested in purchasing a membership at this time, but I do enjoy attending your fitness classes regularly.  Do you have an unlimited class pass?  You bet.  With our monthly unlimited class pass, you can participate in as many PT-led classes as you would like.  If you attend more than 4 classes in a month, you’ve found yourself a great deal!


Fitness Classes


My health insurance deductible and out-of-pocket max are ridiculously high.  I think I need to switch to self-pay treatment but given my condition, I don’t feel that your membership is the right fit for me.  Do you offer any discounts on your 45-minute self pay sessions?  We are so glad you asked.  Yes, we offer a 10-session package for significant savings.  You can use the sessions whenever you like – they never expire.

I do not need physical therapy at this time but I would like a workout session that is designed by one of your therapists so that I can maintain my current health, improve strength and mobility, and hopefully prevent further injuries.  Do you offer anything like that?  Our customized 45-minute Performance Plus sessions would be perfect for you!  You can pay as you go or purchase a 10-session package.  We have a lot of young athletes who are using these workouts to keep themselves at peak performance.


Performance Plus


Perhaps some of your questions have now been answered.  Perhaps some new questions have been triggered.  Regardless, we hope that you will always feel comfortable asking us.  We promise to do our absolute best to keep you informed and to accommodate in our quest to ensure that you are receiving top-notch healthcare.  Your questions challenge us and inevitably lead to continued improvement.  That’s a great thing for all of us – and there’s no question about THAT!