Have you ever been given a gift you were literally thrilled to receive, fully content with just that one item, only to be prompted by the giver to “see what else is inside” before being wowed again?  Perhaps you’ve come across an incredible deal that has your interest piqued before the salesperson exclaims “but wait, there’s more!”  There are so many things you already like about it, how could it possibly get any better?  It could and it does.  Such is the case with therapeutic massage.

Typically when massage is mentioned in casual conversation, thoughts often turn to relaxation through human touch, the soothing scent of oils, the gentle rhythms of soft music, subtle lighting, and the list goes on.  These gifts of sensory stimuli have an undeniable calming effect, positively impacting the mind and body as stress subsides and relaxation takes hold.  “But wait, there’s more!” Actually, there is far more to be gained from therapeutic massage than relaxation alone – multiple gifts that move you along the path to a h­ealthier, more highly-functioning you.




At Sport + Spine, our massage therapists take a unique approach to the process, combining relaxation with rehabilitation.  Our muscle-specific massage targets precise areas of injury or fatigue, promoting both muscle recovery and prevention of further injuries.  Furthermore, massage increases blood flow and improves circulation, easing muscle pain and tightness while allowing injured areas to heal.  When muscle stiffness and aches caused by postural stress (e.g. excessive sitting, reaching, bending) result in musculature imbalances, massage can address these issues as well, alleviating pain as proper muscle function is restored.  In some cases, massage also decreases the severity and frequency of tension headaches.  It often allows individuals to sleep more soundly as they rest more comfortably.  In addition, athletic performance can be enhanced through therapeutic massage.  As muscle tension is eased and muscle fibers are lengthened for improved flexibility, the body is primed to operate at higher performance levels.  With so many long-term benefits to your health, therapeutic massage truly is a gift that keeps giving.




Liz Weidling, one of our three (yes, we now have three!) wonderful massage therapists on staff, is also a personal trainer/fitness coach and IronMan top finisher giving her a unique perspective (as therapist, coach and competitor) on the importance of having all parts of the body working in harmony to achieve maximum performance.  Having practiced massage for 15 years in a variety places, Liz is very happy to work with this “awesome team of highly qualified physical therapists. In a lot of places, massage still is not used to its full potential for healing or improving athletic performance.  This is not the case at Sport + Spine.  This is a place where practitioners really engage with patients/clients in helping them heal and/or meet their goals and S+S really emphasizes massage as an important part of that process.”




Once you have unwrapped/experienced the multifaceted gift of therapeutic massage with all of its “but wait, there’s more!”s, you will undoubtedly want to come back…for more.  In fact, the massage therapy services of Melanie Cohavi and Liz Weidling have become so understandably popular here at S+S that we welcomed a new massage therapist, Allison Kaup, to the team this Fall to help us keep up with client demand.  In addition to working as a massage therapist, Allison is also a yoga teacher, fitness class instructor and personal trainer.

With Allison’s arrival, we are now able to offer more hours for scheduling that much-needed massage.  Don’t hesitate – book yours today.  “But wait, there’s more!”  We also offer gift certificates.  Call (913)642-7746 or visit the clinic for pricing and purchase information.


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