At Sport + Spine, we believe the athlete in all of us deserves top performance — free from pain and limitations.  For each patient, the road to recovery looks a little different.  It may not be easy, but we’re with you on that journey…every step of the way.  In our Road to Recovery series, we’re following patients along their path, taking a closer look at what it takes to get back to a life without limits.

For Jessica Witt, an active, athletic, healthy young mother who was training for half-marathons, teaching daily fitness classes and leading Zumba sessions for 8-9 hours a day, the onset of debilitating hip pain in October 2015 was not a welcome change. Within 3-months, the pain had gotten so intense that she was completely sidelined from those activities, could no longer carry her kids, and was often unable to stand up straight by the end of the day. The horrible pain was wreaking havoc on her ability to sleep.

After a diagnosis of hip dysplasia and little to no relief from pain medications or other therapeutic treatments from multiple therapists over 8 months, Jessica made the decision to have a Periacetabular Osteotomy (PAO), a surgical procedure that repositions and restores the proper alignment of the hip joint. After one of Jessica’s Zumba students introduced her to a young lady who also had the same surgery and attributed her successful recovery to working with Drew Dischinger, Jessica decided to give S+S a try.


Jessica Witt with Drew - Therapeutic Exercise


Jessica began physical therapy with Drew a few months prior to her surgery. She recalls, “I was pleased to find that Drew was able to help me with some of my pain pre-surgery. My hip injury led to poor mechanics that also caused some back pain. Though I wasn’t able to resolve my problems completely, I was able to sleep, continue walking and even continue some strength training in the months leading up to surgery.  I think this was instrumental in setting me up for a faster recovery.”


Jessica Witt with Drew - Manual Therapy


Now with the late October 2016 surgery behind her, Jessica says her “post-op rehab has been great so far. I remember the first time I was able to come in after 4 weeks of bed rest. It felt so great to move on the anti-gravity (AlterG) treadmill.  I love having the equipment available to make moving post-surgery possible.  I have reached the point where I am feeling better and moving better than I was pre-surgery. I still have a long road to get back to the level of physical activity I was able to do pre-injury.  It is definitely difficult for me to be patient while the body is healing, but S+S pushes me at a challenging level where I am making steady progress every week.”


Jessica Witt on the AlterG Treadmill


With a personal goal of making a return to teaching Zumba and ballroom classes later this Spring and with hopes of achieving her pre-injury fitness level, Jessica is highly motivated but also conscientious of the hip dysplasia in her other hip. “Figuring out how to be active without injuring myself again is important.” Injury prevention is a key component of therapeutic treatment received at Sport + Spine.


Jessica Witt in action on the VibePlate


Jessica adds, “The treatments and workouts at S+S have been instrumental in my recovery. I am actively encouraging friends and family with injuries to come here. Living with pain can be really frustrating. Even when PT can’t fix an underlying (anatomical) problem, the treatment is still so worth receiving for better pain management, allowing you to lead a more productive life. Life is too short to live in pain.”

Jessica hasn’t reached her destination just yet…but she is certainly dancing down the Road to Recovery.