Pump Up Your Rehab with BFR Training

At Sport + Spine, maximizing performance is the lifeblood that flows through everything we do here.  Whether you are a competitive athlete hoping to take your game to the next level or a post-op patient needing to regain strength and functionality, it is our mission to get you where you need and want to be…and keep encouraging you to (Read More)

Meet Kayla Keckeisen

Surprise!  We have added another PT all-star to our Sport + Spine roster, but she, like many before her, is no stranger to the team.  Kayla is another return player who completed one of her clinical rotations here at S+S.  Are you sensing a pattern?  Yes, it’s true, we love our students and apparently they love us and our patients.  Eager (Read More)

Meet Ethan McCoy

Ethan is the newest addition to our Sport + Spine team.  Well, actually he’s a return player. Formerly a rookie (aka student on rotation), he has stepped up to the plate and is now swinging for the fences in our major league of PT all-stars.  Meet Ethan McCoy.     What brought him to KC:  Although Ethan does have family in (Read More)