Megan is the Administrative Director at Sport + Spine. She manages company finances, office staff, is part of the decision-making team and much more. “Plus, I get to keep Drew in line!” she smiles.


What she loves most about Sport + Spine: “The people, for sure,” Megan says. With the exception of Drew, Megan has been with the company the longest. “The people I work with have become some of my best friends, and extension to family.”

Where/what she studied: Megan is originally from Indiana and studied Public Finance at Indiana University. (Go Hoosiers!)

What brought her to KC: She met her husband, Colby, while in college. They relocated to KC, where her husband’s family was located, after graduation.

What brought her to Sport + Spine: Megan’s first role here in KC was with a small trust company doing securities processing. Megan is Drew’s sister-in-law, “and when he opened his clinic, we joked that I should come work for them.” Two years later, Megan made the move. She’s been part of the team ever since.

Family: Megan is married to Colby, and they have three children — Owen is 5, Brooks is 2 and Sadie is almost 1.

Outside Sport + Spine: You’ll often find Megan behind the camera lens, snapping pictures for Megan Dischinger Photography. “I love capturing people, especially families and kids. I appreciate it so much as a mom being able to look back at pictures and remember details about the moment . . . I want to do that for other people and allow them to have those memories.” She also loves running — “it’s one of my happy places!” — and spending time with her kids and husband.

Favorite Kansas City restaurant: She loves brunch at Rye (the owners are a husband wife team named Colby & Megan, as well!), as well as Unforked and the family favorite Spin! Pizza. “I love to venture out of the JOCO bubble for a date night or brunch with the ladies, though, too. I’m rarely disappointed by a little bistro or farm-to-table type spot, local to KC.”

Favorite KC coffee shop: “Unfortunately, I’m not a coffee drinker… but I’ve had many tasty chai tea lattes around town. However, Starbucks is my go-to, simply for convenience for this working mama.” 

TV favorites: Megan just finished watching Parenthood on Netflix in January. “It was life-changing! It makes you laugh and cry . . . it’s my new all-time favorite tv series.”  She also enjoys The Voice with her husband, and her longstanding guilty pleasure, The Bachelor.

Favorite teams to cheer for: She’s a Hoosiers fan through and through, especially during basketball season. A long-time Indianapolis Colts fan, she’s still conflicted during football season. “But without an Indiana major league baseball team, it was so easy to embrace those boys in blue,” the KC Royals.

Best part of her Sport + Spine job: “I love the success stories,” Megan says. “It makes me so proud of my coworkers and friends. I love how we get people back to doing what makes them happy, what makes them who they are.”