Kiley joined the Sport + Spine team in 2013, and is a Staff Physical Therapist. Meet Kiley Sutter.


Where she studied: Kiley earned her undergraduate degree in Movement Science from Texas Christian University, then continued her education at Rockhurst University, where she received her Doctor of Physical Therapy.

How she decided to become a physical therapist: Kiley has never been a physical therapy patient herself (“knock on wood!” she says), but played sports growing up and saw many teammates have success in physical therapy after an injury. She always enjoyed science, but wanted an active job. “Nothing behind a desk!” she adds. “One thing I love about physical therapy is developing that relationship, getting to understand the patient’s lifestyle and getting to know them more than you might in a doctor’s office setting.” And the dress code is a perk too: “Getting to wear yoga pants and tennis shoes to work isn’t a bad thing!” Kiley says.

Star student: Kiley was the first clinical student to work at Sport + Spine. She loved the environment so much that she accepted a full-time role upon graduation.

Family: Kiley is from Overland Park, and her parents still live in the house where she grew up. She and her husband, Ryan, live in Olathe. They have a yellow lab named Mackey.

What she loves most about Sport + Spine: “I love the people we work with,” Kiley says. “The variety of people I get to see is amazing — my youngest is 10 and my oldest is 66!” She enjoys working with both athletes and non-athletes too, “teaching them how being more active can help decrease your pain.”

Cool kicks: Next time you’re at Sport + Spine, check out Kiley’s footwear. “I match my tennis shoes to my outfit everyday,” Kiley says. “You have to spice up yoga pants somehow.”

Outside Sport + Spine: Kiley loves working out, especially with her mom. “We meet at the gym bright and early, a few days a week,” she says. Along with her mom and best friend, Kiley tries to run one out-of-town half marathon a year. So far, they’ve completed half marathons in Disney World, Saint Louis and San Diego. She and Ryan also love spending time at Lake of the Ozarks and Stockton Lake, especially wakeboarding.

Favorite restaurant: Kiley’s favorite quick go-to is Jose Pepper’s. But she really enjoys trying new places. “We’re always trying restaurants we haven’t been to before,” she says.

Favorite coffee shop: Actually, scratch that — “I’m not a coffee drinker!” Kiley says. But she is an avid Diet Coke drinker. So her favorite drink, she says, is a Diet Coke from Sonic. “They have the best ice!”

Books she loves: Kiley enjoys books by author Jodi Picoult. “The books always throw you for a loop at the end,” she says. She also likes the work of Gillian Flynn (best known for Gone Girl). And her mom is an avid reader as well. “She’ll read a book and give it to me as a hand-me-down if she likes it,” Kiley says.

TV favorites: “I like reality shows, unfortunately,” Kiley says. “Teen Mom is my guilty pleasure!” Kiley also enjoys Scandal and Nashville. And, “even though it’s awful right now, I still watch Grey’s Anatomy. Half the time, it’s not even medically right.”

Favorite teams to cheer for: Kiley prefers to watch college over professional sports. “I pretty much cheer for TCU,” Kiley says, and she cheers hard during football and baseball season. Of course, she also loves watching the Royals.

Best part of her Sport + Spine job: “Getting to meet new people everyday,” Kiley says, “and getting to really help people. I love helping not just to decrease their pain, but to teach them how to decrease their pain themselves.”