Ethan is the newest addition to our Sport + Spine team.  Well, actually he’s a return player. Formerly a rookie (aka student on rotation), he has stepped up to the plate and is now swinging for the fences in our major league of PT all-stars.  Meet Ethan McCoy.


Ethan McCoy


What brought him to KC:  Although Ethan does have family in the Kansas area, Sport + Spine is the reason he moved his family from San Antonio, TX to Kansas City.  “After all of my studies and clinical rotations at some of the top physical therapy clinics in the nation, I found that Sport + Spine was the place where I could best perform, learn and heal my patients.”


Ethan working with a patient


Where and what he studied:  After receiving an undergraduate degree in Athletic Training at Emporia State University, Ethan received his Doctor of Physical Therapy at the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio.  He is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has received Certification in Blood Flow Restriction Training.

Life before Sport + Spine:  While immersing himself in research and learning during his doctoral program,  Ethan also worked as an Athletic Trainer for Baptist Sports Medicine.  In addition, he volunteered for four years serving an IWFL (International Women’s Football League) team called the San Antonio Regulators.  He fondly reflects, “I will miss my time with them the most.”

Family:  Ethan claims his family is the greatest.  “Just ask them – they will tell you!  I have an amazing fiancé (wife), Dawn.  She can never be explained, only met.”  Their two children, Charlie the two-year-old German Shepherd and Skippy the three-legged cat, are rescues and apparently a bit of a handful.

Life outside Sport + Spine:  “Everything is an adventure outside of work.”  Ethan and Dawn love taking their dog to parks and trails where they can let him off-leash “without legal violation.”  They also enjoy yard work and creating their own home gym, but spending time with friends they “have stashed all over the state” is what they love most.

Favorite KC restaurant:  Ethan reasons that he has not been here long enough to have done extensive research on the matter, but his highly-specific recommendation is “the sushi one.”

Favorite KC coffee shop:  Silence.  Crickets chirping.  “The one that serves craft beer.”

Books he loves:  “Physical therapy and caring for my patients are my passion, so I am always researching theories and treatment methods,” says Ethan.  “There is seemingly an endless amount of good, solid research to digest.”  

TV favorites:  ESPN and/or any sporting event

Favorite teams:  DA BEARS, San Antonio Spurs, any KC team, San Antonio Regulators


Ethan working with a patient


Best part of  your job at Sport + Spine:  S+S has had and will continue to have a positive impact on Ethan’s life.  It is the reason he took the job and moved his family to KC.  “The level of knowledge that is available among this team will provide me with an outstanding learning environment for years to come.  It is like nothing I have experienced in a clinical setting.  Co-workers feel like family.  The clientele base is incredible.  The drive to heal, grow, and reach new limits motivates me.  The best part about my job, about this clinic, is not one thing.  It is the entire beast of a training zone they have created.”