At Sport + Spine, we continuously stress the importance of pushing past perceived limits, realizing untapped potential, and maximizing performance.  This concept not only translates in our therapist-to-patient relations but also in how we operate as a business and as a workplace family.  April 9, 2017 marks the 10-year anniversary of Sport + Spine, without question a noteworthy milestone on our unforgettable climb.  A great deal of time, effort, passion, and loyalty have been poured into this company by its staff and patients alike making it the successful and reputable operation that it is today…and if you ask any of us, we’re just getting started.  There is no telling how high we will go.

The Sport + Spine climb started with a visionary, an idealist who felt a driving sense of compassion for those suffering with pain and an undeniable motivation to improve their quality of life through physical therapy, pushing toward a life without limits.  Following a knee surgery in high school, Drew Dischinger received physical therapy as part of his rehab.  It was during this time that his vision of someday opening a state-of-the-art PT clinic was born, a clinic that would focus on the concepts of movement and function in maximizing performance.  Ideas about the company continued to swirl through college and grad school, including a mock business plan for “Dem Bones PT.”  Although the name did not stick, an altruistic passion to make a difference in the lives of others did and Drew saw his dream through to fruition.  Sport + Spine opened its doors on April 9, 2007.


constructing the original S+S clinic
In the beginning, 10 years ago…

the original S+S clinic front desk

the original S+S clinic waiting area


The original clinic was located at 89th & Metcalf and the staff consisted only of Drew and one administrative assistant.  One patient was treated that first week, but soon Sport + Spine’s reputation grew as a result of the positive impact the innovative approach to PT was having on dedicated patients’ lives.  They were excited about the results and shared their stories with others.  The demand became high enough to warrant the need for additional staff and before long, the practice outgrew its clinic space.


constructing the new S+S clinic
In 2007, it was time for a move and an upgrade…

the new S+S clinic outdoor sign

the new S+S clinic front desk


In November of 2010, Sport + Spine welcomed patients into a new (our current) location at 105th & Marty.  In addition to expanding its space, S+S also expanded its services beyond physical therapy, offering massage therapy and fitness classes.  Over the years, the business has continued to thrive and has been a public advocate for innovative, effective treatments such as dry needling.  In fact, Sport + Spine was the first clinic in Kansas City to offer dry needling as a therapeutic treatment and now hosts multiple dry needling certification seminars each year.  Our staff, sharing a common vision to push past ordinary, has grown considerably to include 5 (soon to be 6) physical therapists, 3 massage therapists, 4 office personnel, 2 techs and 1-2 physical therapy students.  Roughly 250 patients are treated here each week.


KC Running Company outside S+S
S+S continues to grow in its outreach efforts.


While Drew’s self-admitted unrealistic dream of having an Olympic-size pool in the clinic did not pan out, the current state of Sport + Spine has exceeded his expectations.  Our goal is to challenge ourselves to provide the best proactive (preventive) and recovery care to clients so that they can find success down any path they choose.  Drew adds, “Through the unwavering dedication of our elite team and the loyalty of our amazing patients, in 10 years we have accomplished more than I could have ever imagined.  I really believe that Sport + Spine has had a significant, positive impact on our clients and on the practice of physical therapy as a whole.”

It has been an unforgettable 10 years, an amazing adventure.  However, our climb is not finished.  We continue to aim high.  We will push to new heights and live without limits so that we can offer you the best care available.  Don’t settle for ordinary – reach for the peak!


the current S+S team